I Got It! I Got It!

Woot! Random Crap Mail!

Shortly before we were going to walk out the door to go see The Pioneer Woman yesterday, this arrived at my house! I was SO excited to get it for a couple of reasons. 1. This is the first Random Crap I have ever managed to snag from woot! It is usually very hard to get one and the servers usually crash. 2. Even though you might get actual crap, some people have reported some pretty great things on the message boards.

With Random Crap, you are supposed to get a bag and three items of crap. Well, I ended up with three items total, two of which are bags and really the third could be considered a bag. While some people have emailed woot! and received replacement crap, I’m not sure if it is really worth the hassle. Overall I think it was fun and while I don’t really NEED any of these items. I can probably use or giveaway all of them. Joe let me know that woot! happy hour was going on the evening that I snagged the Random Crap, so he says that I must share with him some of my winnings. I must say that I would be willing to share with him if he wants. 🙂

woot! Crap

I got:
1-Pinnacle Studio Drawstring Backpack
1-American Tourister Camera Bag
1- Collapsible Picnic Basket

While I ponder about emailing woot about my missing item, I have to say that it was fun and entertaining. I would do it again if I had the chance and had money in my paypal account. I liked watching other people post what they got in their boxes and hope for something as great or better. 🙂 Some people got some things that were worth way more than their $8 investment. (Digital picture frames, wine fridge, remote control webcam toy, gps units, deep fryer, etc.)


4 Responses to I Got It! I Got It!

  1. Joe O. says:

    Well you definitely got the Bags part and the Crap part…not sure about the Bags of Crap though! I’m still jealous FYI

  2. deana says:

    How do you know when they are going to do it? This looks fun!

    • sunshinekmp says:

      You don’t know. That’s the problem! They usually do it sometime during Woot Off but the one I won was during Woot Happy Hour (also during a Woot off though).

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