I heart Kohl’s

This week we got a card in the mail from Kohl’s with a free $10 off a $10 purchase card attached! I LOVE when Kohl’s sends us these kinds of things. I try my best to really do well with their clearance racks and make good use of my free $10. Sometimes I will get things we need anyway, like new washcloths or something but usually I will try and find something for Big Monkey or me that we really wouldn’t buy otherwise.

I went in looking first for Big Monkey but the clearance racks just weren’t that great. I then checked for a new cute dress for me. No luck. I checked the kid’s clearance racks but still came up empty. I have been thinking about getting a new purse (or trying to make one) so I checked out the purses. I found one for $8.40! Sold! Now I needed to spend just about $2 to get me over the $10 mark. I headed to the junior’s clearance rack and decided to pick up the first item I found that was $3 or less. Score! I found a shirt for $2. It’s not perfect and I’m considering cutting the sleeves to make it more of a summer top. Grand total for my new purse and shirt, 43cents!!! (After tax and coupon) I saved $61.60. Not that anyone would pay it, but the shirt was originally $20 and the purse was originally $42. I do believe that Kohl’s is WAY overpriced and NEVER buy anything at retail price there (or anywhere else generally either) but you can do great with their clearance racks, especially if you have a great coupon like this one!

Nine&Co Purse

New Top--Thinking of making some changes to it.

When I got home with the new purse, I had already put my stuff into it from the my old purse. Right away, Little Monkey saw it and said, “Mom, is that a new purse?” That kid notices everything! 🙂 He wanted to know how much it was and where I got it too. So funny.


2 Responses to I heart Kohl’s

  1. amypaul says:

    Cute! That boy is so funny! Love him!

  2. deana says:

    Omg we could be twins in this way! I never go unless I have a coupon or buy clearance items. I just got the same 10 dollar card plus a 10 dollars off 20 card so I got 20 dollars in free stuff. Love it!

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