Cheap New “Studio”

I have been using this really tall cutting table as my cutting, sewing, crafting table. It did the job but it did make sewing a little difficult (The table is meant to be used standing, so I used a tall chair to sit and it but then had trouble reaching the pedal sometimes. Oh the problems of being short.) I certainly wasn’t going to spend money (at least not much) to buy a new sewing table since this was working, it just wasn’t ideal.

The other day I took the kids out to run some errands and when we returned, the trash still hadn’t been picked up. Much to Big Monkey’s dislike, I’m sure, we drove around the neighborhood to see if anyone was throwing out anything worthwhile. Luck would have it that someone was throwing out this computer desk. There was nothing wrong with it except that it was missing the pull out tray for your keyboard. Since I wasn’t going to use it for that, I figured it didn’t matter. I managed to get it loaded up into the back of the car and we brought it home.

Little Monkey helped me clean it up and we measured it to make sure it would fit in the space I had planned for it. The good news: It fit perfectly! The bad news: Trying to explain to Big Monkey why it was a great idea to have it plus get a new smaller chair. He didn’t see it as a good thing to be adding two pieces of furniture while getting rid of none. I can see the logic in that but this little desk will make sewing easier and we can keep the old tall cutting table either out in the garage or in one of the closets. I also told Big Monkey that you never know, I might decide to sell the table.

New to me sewing desk

Since I had a new desk, I needed a new small chair. Being the cheap person that I am, we all know I didn’t run to Target to buy a chair! I did check the neighborhood on the next trash day but came up empty. I decided to try our local Habitat for Humanity store. It tends to have decent furniture for VERY cheap. (Some of the other local thrift stores are overpriced in my opinion for many things. Even Habitat tends to overprice some items but furniture is not usually one of them.) I was very excited to come across this chair while we were there.

Cheap Chair!

It needed a little work but certainly showed promise. I decided for $2 I would give it a try. I brought it home and removed the price sticker and seat. Then I took some RustOleum spray paint that we had laying around and went to town! (For some strange reason that no one seems to know, we have had a can of RustOleum Royal Blue spray paint in our garage. The can had a black top though, so every time I went to paint something black I would be surprised to find blue instead. I decided that this would be a great project to use it on. Now we won’t have to worry about getting blue paint when we expect to see black.) After the first coating of paint, the chair was already starting to look much more fun. I was excited to finish it up. Unfortunately it would take a few more days to finish the chair. Once the paint dried, I had to flip it over and get the spots I missed the first time around. The next step was to recover the seat. Since I have pretty bad luck with the staple gun, I decided to wait until I had some help from Big Monkey. Picking out the fabric was a big decision too. I had plenty of options and decided to stop at just two, otherwise I would never settle on just one! I love the fabric and hope that it helps inspire me to create more.

I didn’t think this project would really be so exciting and fun but it honestly was. Makes me want to transform more things into fun items. I’m pretty sure Big Monkey will not go for this though. Lucky for him (and me) I don’t plan to make this a regular habit. Also lucky for us, this remodel of my “studio” (small section of wall in our master bedroom) only cost us $2. The desk was free from the trash, the chair was $2 from Habitat for Humanity, the paint was on hand and we have no idea where it came from and the fabric was in my bin. The fabric of course cost something but it was a remnant and likely less than $1 purchased who know how long ago with a gift card! 🙂

New fun chair!

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6 Responses to Cheap New “Studio”

  1. Michelle says:

    I love your new chair and great find on the desk.

  2. Totally fun…bright, blue and floral. Yum!

  3. Jennifer says:

    The chair turned out so cute!!

  4. Fawnda says:

    Very cute! Great job! 🙂

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