Lowe’s Build & Grow

Today, Lowe’s is offering another Build & Grow project. Today’s project is a race car.

Little Monkey made a race car before but it was also a robot. We actually no longer have that race car/robot. (Although I don’t think Little Monkey has noticed. We are planning to go today to Lowe’s to make this one. Big Monkey is coming off shift this morning but he, along with some others from work, will be going to the hospital to visit one of their co-workers. Big Monkey’s last partner at work was involved in a bad car wreck this week and is in ICU. He is doing better and they expect him to recover okay. It is just a long road. While they are visiting J, we will go build a new car. I plan to come back and update this post (or just write a new one) with pictures from our trip.

If you have a little one with nothing to do this morning, head over to your local Lowe’s for Build & Grow. It is FREE!!!


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