The Red Couch

Recently we decided to start looking for a new couch. There wasn’t really much wrong with our old couch except that Roland liked to sit up on the tops of the couch and watch out the window. We didn’t really like this practice because it also meant that we would go crazy seeing something (people, squirrels, birds, who knows what) and then we would end up with nose prints at the very top of our windows. We thought if we got a different style couch, we could at least keep him from sitting on the tops, and from reaching the top of the windows.

So far the new couch has mostly worked. He’s not sitting up on the tops of couch because there isn’t enough space for him to do that. He still likes to sit in the window and watch the world pass but he can’t get to the top of the window anymore Now it is mostly just the bottom half of the window. I can handle that. 🙂

We found the new to us couch on Craigslist. Amazingly, we were able to get the entire thing in the back of Big Monkey’s truck with some of the cushions/pillows inside. It was a scary adventure driving  We really like it so far. We are trying to train Roland to only lay on the ottoman. It’s working…when we are home to enforce the rule. I’m pretty sure when we are not home, he’s sleeping on other parts of the couch. The new couch is a sectional so if we get tired of this set up, we can just move the pieces around a bit and have something new.

The Red Couch!

You’ll have to excuse some of the mess in this photo. Right now we are using the rug we had before….it doesn’t really go with the red couch but it will work until we find a great deal on something we want. On the back wall you can see a corner piece, seat section and another corner piece. Next to that is the ottoman in front of the window and a table. The final seat section of the sectional is next to the table and comes up by the front door. In this photo, you cannot see all of it and there are pillows stacked up on it! We were just trying to get stuff settled. (You also see Big Monkey’s backpack sitting on the middle seat section.) We are happy with it and hope to get lots of life out of it. What do you think of our red couch?


2 Responses to The Red Couch

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks like a great find to me!!

  2. Mom says:

    Looks great! It really opens up the room! Makes it look less crowded. Good job!!

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