Want To Make List 4!

I know I probably don’t need to be writing another “Want to make list,” since I haven’t started any of the other items on the list. Since I am getting a new computer (I can hardly wait!), I thought I better put some more ideas down into my blog so that I don’t lose them or have to transfer over even more links. If you would like to see the other lists, you can find them here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Onesie Dress

How cute is this dress? I really want to learn to make dresses for Little Monkette. This one seems pretty easy. The hardest part is probably settling in on a fabric that I really like. There are tons of options with fabrics and images. (The tutorial I’ve linked to has three!)

Bandana Shirt

Over at the Perkins’ Place has a great tutorial for making shirts and skirts from bandanas. These shirts and skirts are for adults too! (Usually you see bandana crafts for kids.) She found some very fun bandanas too. The skirts look really quick and easy and the shirts don’t take much more work. Imagine the possibilities!

Kid Bandana Dress

This is more like how you normally see bandana crafts. I think it is adorable. It seems pretty easy…the only concern I have is the shirring…I haven’t done it before so I’m not so sure about it. I’m almost wishing they made really big bandanas so I could make this dress for me! 🙂

Handprint Kitchen Towel

I think this idea would be great for remembering when the littles hands were so small. (Grandparents…don’t be too shocked if you end up with something like this one day. That is IF I ever get to it!)

Reversible Skirt

I saw this skirt and thought, I should make that. 🙂 (I seem to think that a lot.) This one is made for a little girl but it could easily be adjusted for an adult too. Two skirts in one. What a great idea!


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