Stock Up Now! Rollbacks!!

While shopping at Walmart the other day, we were in the food aisle that houses many of the new rollback items. Lots of big signage and displays filled with the items. I saw one display that just made me laugh and thought that I had to share it with you.

Hurry and run to Walmart now. You will want to stock up on this great rollback.

Save even more!

Was $1.75, Now just $1.74! Save EVEN more!! Better get them quick before someone else buys them out!


2 Responses to Stock Up Now! Rollbacks!!

  1. Joe O. says:

    hahah…I’ve seen these before. I even saw one where the RollBack price was the same as the normal price! I know you just bought a laptop at Best Buy so you probably don’t want to read this…but I also saw this today

    • sunshinekmp says:

      That is interesting. And actually the laptop I bought came to me in an email “two day sale” but yesterday (day four) it was still the same price. Not a big deal since it was a good deal and what I was going to pay for the other computer I was looking at but still a somewhat shady practice it seems.

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