A New Computer

It is true. I got a new computer. A Gateway laptop. You may remember that I had a LOT of problems with the old HP computer, including a hard drive crash (thankfully under warranty). Most recently the problem was that I would plug in the computer to use it (since the battery would last all of five minutes if I was lucky) and it wouldn’t realize that it was in fact plugged in. I could turn the plug and sometimes it would work but as soon as I moved or one of the Littles tapped it just right, no power. I tried a new power cord to see if that was the issue but sadly it was not. The problem is with the inside part of the computer where it plugs in. Unfortunately that computer is no longer under warranty and at almost three years old it was not worth the cost of fixing it. So I went on a mission to find a new computer. Honestly I don’t know that I got the best deal out there but I am happy with my purchase and there is no reason to lament over what could have been. (For example many friends thought that I should get a MAC but sadly a MAC was not in the budget.)

My new Blue computer!

There are a lot of adjustments with the new computer. First off, the layout of the keyboard is different. The new computer has a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. This is not a big deal and probably won’t get much use but it makes the keyboard off center. Also not a big deal, just something that will take some getting used to. There is also a touch pad, instead of a mouse or trackball, which I did have on the last computer but this one is different. I seem to be hitting it with my hands while typing often and it messing things up but I’ll learn. It is also a multi-gesture touch pad. This means you can magnify the screen, scroll, among other things that I haven’t discovered yet I’m sure.

This computer also has Windows 7. Now I’m sure you have seen the commercials sharing how great the new Windows 7 is and I’m sure it is but I just don’t have it all figured out yet. Thanks to my friend Joe, I have actually been able to find out a few things and download items that would make things easier. Hopefully a bit more practice and I will have the new computer mastered.

The bad news…my old computer still will not turn on. On a good note, my pictures were all backed up on the external hard drive. On a bad note, all my favorites and blog feeds are now lost in the computer. I am slowing adding my blog feeds back in (I had over 200 blogs in my reader…..maybe time to not have so many I suppose!).


One Response to A New Computer

  1. Shannon says:

    I bought that same computer about 6 months ago and I LOVE it! You will end up loveing windows 7!

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