Random Crap Neat-Oh! Picnic Basket

Neat-Oh! Picnic Basket

When I got my Bag of Random Crap, I received one of these Neat-Oh! Picnic Baskets. As I was reading on many of the posts about the bags of crap recently, I learned that MANY people got a picnic basket. Normally I would say that we do not have a need for a picnic basket. And honestly I think that I probably still true. I did, however, find a great use for this picnic basket.

As you can see in the picture, it is a little box but it can be unzipped and laid out flat to use as your picnic table in the grass. All of the flat surfaces are water-resistant. I decided that this would make it easy to use for a pool bag. Generally we do not need a pool bag but one day we were heading over to a friend’s house to swim with them and hang out. I put the picnic basket together and added in my swimsuit, the kids’ swimsuits and towels for everyone. The best part was after we were done swimming, we changed back into our clothes and put our wet suits and wet towels in the picnic basket. Since it is water-resistant, there was no worries about the water coming through and getting the car wet too.

So if you have one of these zip up picnic baskets from woot! and you don’t know what to do with it, maybe this idea will help you out. For now we will hold onto our picnic basket to use for going to friends’ pools or to splash parks!


2 Responses to Random Crap Neat-Oh! Picnic Basket

  1. Mom says:

    Smart idea and soooo cute!

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