PKU Veggie Nuggets

When we went to the Cook for Love Cooking Class, one of the recipes we made was Veggie Nuggets. Mom and I ended up leaving before the class was over, but I grabbed a few of the Veggie Nuggets from the freezer and figured we would finish them up at home. It took us awhile to finish them (because I kept forgetting) but we finished them up.

I put together the rest of the recipe and coated the veggie nuggets with the ‘breading.’ Here is what they looked like after that step.

Ready to go in the deep fryer!

Thanks to a posting on Facebook and a great trade, we now have a deep fryer to make Little Monkey’s veggie nuggets in. (We also plan to experiment with some other food items for us too!) I was very excited to use the deep fryer, although Big Monkey did most of the work!


Once they were done, we also cooked from fries for our dinner that night. Little Monkey had fries and veggie nuggets, while Big Monkey and I had fried and burgers.

All cooked!

Little Monkey said he liked them, but I’m not convinced. Lucky for him we have more to try again with! We dipped them in ketchup (His favorite!).  We will keep trying for sure. I’m just excited to have some other food options for him!


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