Embroidered Gifts

I have not had much time to actually sit down and craft recently and it was sorely needed. Finally, the other day I got some down time while Little Monkette napped and Little Monkey watched a movie. I was able to finish up a baby shower gift (baby Luke arrived the morning of the day I got to finish it!) I also finished up my Mom’s Mother’s Day/Birthday present.

First up, baby Luke’s tag blanket. I gave his mom a girly tag blanket in her baby shower gift so she could see what it would look like. At the time of the shower, the parents to be had not yet decided on a name. Of course just a few days after the shower, they decided. That was at least two months ago. When I saw that Baby Luke had made an early arrival, I got to work on finishing his gift!

Luke's Tag Blanket

Since I had the embroidery machine up and running, I decided that I better get Mom’s Mother’s Day/Birthday present done. (It also helped that Mother’s Day had already passed and her Birthday was just a few days away!) I had picked up these plain cream colored napkins at Target a few months ago and planned to embroider something on them for Mom. I had talked to Dad trying to decide what to put on them and we settled on just doing an initial.

Initial Napkins

There is a total of six napkins, two of each color initial. I had planned for eight, well hoped for eight. I purchased eight napkins, that way if any got messed up, hopefully I would end up with at least four. One of the yellow ones got messed up, so I ended up not doing any in pink. I was planning for the bright colors, thinking they would go great with Mom’s beach house. I have to say that I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. It was interesting trying to get them all close to the same place on each napkin but they turned out okay. 🙂

After making the napkins and wrapping them, I decided that we would need a card. I have started making cards for many of our gifts. They are fun and generally pretty quick to make. The hardest part is usually deciding on the fabric!

Fabric Card

Once I decided on the fabric, I traced the letters, cut them, put a little glue stick glue on them to hold them in place and then stitched them to the card. I think this is a fun way to make a personal card and use up some scraps that you always have laying around! 🙂

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One Response to Embroidered Gifts

  1. Cookie says:

    The napkins are great!!! Good job, KT.

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