So Excited!

Guess where we are going tonight….

I have to say that I am very excited for tonight. We (me, Little Monkey, Little Monkette, Grammy and Pops) are going to the premiere of Toy Story 3 in 3d! I can’t wait!! Little Monkey is very excited for the new movie too. It is going to be his first movie in a movie theater and my (and everyone else’s I think) first 3d movie!

It should be a fun time. I can’t wait….I’m hoping it is really worth it! I’ll let you know after we see it.


2 Responses to So Excited!

  1. Joe O. says:

    First 3D movie? Wow! There have been SOOO many 3D movies recently. I’m sure that Pixar will play a little with this 3D but most of the movies out using 3D have gone away from the gimmicky 3D effects and just use it to add depth. In fact, for most of the movie you don’t even realize it is in 3D!

    Enjoy the Pleasure Island big screen. It is HUGE!

  2. amypaul says:

    You should give a shout out to Kimberly with a link to her etsy shop. 😉

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