Happy Father’s Day!

We spent the weekend camping! So we celebrated Father’s Day a little early and let Big Monkey open his present before the trip. I knew he would want to take it with us, so I wanted him to open it and get it put together before the trip. Little Monkey and Little Monkette went with me to the store to pick it up. We got it all wrapped up and it was waiting for Big Monkey to come home. We had been out at Toy Story 3, so he waited for us to get home.

When we got home, Little Monkey was SO exited for Big Monkey to open his present. We tried to push it off for a few minutes so that we could all get settled. Little Monkey kept talking to Big Monkey about the gift and I was afraid he was going to give it away. He told Big Monkey, “Daddy, you are going to LOVE it. Daddy, it is for camping!” After that last one, I decided we better get to opening the present!

Opening his gift

Big Monkey got the Coleman RoadTrip XLE Grill. He was very excited. We can take it with us camping and we can purchase some additional accessories, to use the grill as a stove top and as a griddle. I have already ordered the griddle piece (Thanks to Swagbucks and Amazon.). We hope it will be here for the next camping trip.

He likes it! (Can't you tell?)

I hope you had a happy Father’s Day too!


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