Toy Story 3

Thanks to a friend of Amy’s, (Check out her Etsy shop, she’s got great stuff!) we were able to head over to Pleasure Island for the premiere of Toy Story 3 in 3D! She knew that Little Monkey LOVES Buzz and Woody so she was happy to hook us up with some passes. We headed out to the theater and I got this shot of Little Monkey when he saw where we were headed:

He was SO excited!

We got there a bit early, and before Grammy and Pops, so we sat outside and tried to get Little Monkey to finish his dinner. Once Grammy and Pops arrived, we headed in to the theater to get in line. There were multiple lines. We found our spot and just settled. It was an interesting time of people watching for sure. Little Monkey finished up his dinner and played with Pops.  Little Monkette was very good too. She played with her frisbee (It came in their goody bags.) and hung out in her stroller.

Litlle Monkette liked her frisbee.

We ran into Kimberly and tried to find out about the “Skip the Line” line. The tickets said that if you brought a toy for Toys for Tots, you could skip the line. Since I had read the tickets, I pulled some items from our gift closet and took them with us. Once they figured things out, we got to move ahead in the line and turn in our toys. We all got our 3D glasses and found a seat. Radio Disney was there and played a few games while we waited for the movie.

The movie was good, but not what I was expecting at all. Grammy had brought toys for Little Monkey and Little Monkette and funny enough, the bear she got Little Monkette, Lots-o, was the bad guy in the movie! Little Monkette didn’t seem to mind though. She was doing well during the beginning of the movie, but I ended up in the corridor with her for most of the movie. She almost fell asleep but just couldn’t let herself do it. My arms were tired by the end, but I was still glad to see the movie. And I was thankful that Grammy and Pops were there to still sick with Little Monkey while he watched the movie.

It was Little Monkey’s first movie in a theater (and Little Monkette’s too) as well as my first 3D movie. He said he loved it and that the screen, “was HUGE!” He wants to go back and see it again with Mimi. After the movie was over, we took his picture with some of the Toy Story 3 signs.

Tired but Happy!

Thanks Kimberly for helping us get to see Toy Story 3 before it came out! Little Monkey was very excited and heck, the rest of us enjoyed it too! 🙂


2 Responses to Toy Story 3

  1. amypaul says:

    1) I LOVE that picture of P, but how did you take it while driving?!

    2) Cute pic of C, too. Cute little outfit.

    3) P looks SO tall in the pic of the movie sign. He’s so big. How is this happening? And, I love that he’s holding Woody in an Andy-esque way. 😉

  2. amypaul says:

    PS-seriously…time for a new banner on top of your blog. Your daughter is almost 9 months old. 🙂

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