Camping Weekend

We went to Rainbow Springs State Park for a few days to get a break and just get away. It was a much needed break after a crazy couple of weeks. Little Monkette stayed with Grammy, Mimi and Pops at the beach house. Roland and Little Monkey came along for the trip.

Roland liked riding with his head right behind Big Monkey.

Thankfully the drive to Rainbow Springs was just a short trip, about and hour and a half. We were delayed a bit because just as we were working on packing up the camper, a storm decided to pour down on us.  After the rain delay, we finished loading everything up and headed out. We got to the campground, after some delay due to a bad gps and a car accident that shut down the entire road. We set up our camper and went down to the springs. The water was SO cold and Little Monkey did not want to get in. Big Monkey convinced him to get in a little bit but he was not too thrilled.

We went back for dinner and then Big Monkey was going to put together a fire for us. That was quite the ordeal. After 35 minutes of waiting for a fire, one of our friends who had come over and was hanging out with us, and I decided to go to Walmart for some fire assistance.

The start of the fire.........

When we got back, we had Duraflame logs, marshmallows and lighter fluid. And finally, we had a fire! We enjoyed an evening with our friends that were also camping with us around the campfire. Eventually we all turned in to get some sleep so that we would be ready for tubing in the morning.

In the morning, we got up, got breakfast and then headed to the springs. The guys took two of our vehicles down to the park so we would have a ride back to the campground. Once the boys were back, we took our floats and headed down to the river. The water was of course pretty cold still but it was alright. Little Monkey rode in a little boat float so that he didn’t have to touch the water. The rest of us had to float in our tubes and be a little cold.

While we were in the river, we saw lots of birds, three river otters and a momma duck with her ten ducklings. They were so cute. Little Monkey did a great job looking around and checking things out. He did ask a few times, “Where are we going?” I kept telling him that we were trying to find Big Monkey’s truck. Little Monkey kept looking for it but didn’t know where it might be. After about two hours, we had made it to the exit point and got out of the water. It was quite a walk to get to where the car was. It was fun and we had a good time.

The rest of the day, we just hung out and the guys went back down to the river again. I stayed with Little Monkey and we watched a video to rest. Roland got a little crazy and was jumping on and off the beds in the camper. Little Monkey thought it was quite funny. I caught this picture of him on Little Monkey’s bed.

Silly Roland

We had another big dinner and some more friends came to hang out with us. The boys went out to the springs again and tried to convince each other to swim across the river to a party that had karaoke going on. Two guys finally went over and found out that it was actually a kids party (It sounded like old people singing!). Since they were two middle aged men, they decided that a kids karaoke party was probably not the best idea to be crashing! We all got a lot of laughs out of it.

We had a great weekend and luckily get to go again soon. It was nice to get away and take a little break from the world.


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