Geocaching in Ponce

While spending some time at the beach house this past weekend, I decided to go after a few more geocaches that were in the area. We had some family friends over and one agreed to go with me. We biked down to the end of the inlet to find the three we were after. For some reason, we seemed to think that 5pm would be a great time to go (Trust me, it’s not. It’s really hot out then.).

We went to the first one with good clues and Mr. M found it pretty quickly. It was a little one that was velcro’d in place and held just a log. We signed the log, took a look around and planned how we might be able to get to one of the other ones we were after. We rode our bikes back out of the path and to the park that is at the end of the inlet. We ask the little old man at the guard shack if he knew how we could get down to where we wanted to go. He did not understand us at all and was trying to send us to some other location.

We decided to go to the one that was the farthest away first. Unfortunately, between the gps and our thoughts of how to get to the point we needed to be, we went the wrong direction. After pushing the bikes through some soft sands, we decided we were going the wrong way and headed back up towards a grassy part. We were able to ride our bikes all the way to where we needed to be. It was a cool place to visit. The area was past the dog park part of the beach and there were plenty of dogs playing in the water and running around on the beach. The clues led us to a general area but then we had to move a bunch of rocks in hopes of finding the cache. I tried to look for some spots that seemed to make sense and found it after a few tries. This was a larger cache and had lots of trade items in it. We ended up getting Little Monkey some sparklers and we left some Toy Story Silly Bands.

I drank a good amount of water while we were stopped at the last find and was pouring sweat! We got back on our bikes and rode towards the final cache. It was on the boardwalk and we were able to get pretty close staying on our bikes. The gps showed us just 30 feet away but according to the clues, we seemed in the right spot. Mr. M went ahead to look and see if, based on the clues, maybe we did need to go farther along the boardwalk. I was feeling worn out and sat down to rest and drink more water. (I am kind of surprised that I didn’t black out to be honest! I told you it was hot out there!)

Once we decided that we were in the right spot, even though the gps was sending us farther, we were on the hunt for the cache. While looking for it, Mr. M found a turtle! He was so excited that he missed the cache! I took the camera down to take a picture of the turtle and found the cache! (Do you see it?)

Turtle taking a nap by the cache.

Since Mr. M missed the cache (and I found the other big one), I showed him where it would be from above on the deck and he went to find it. It was kind of amusing but he did a good job. It was hard to get to. I took a few pictures of him trying to get to it. I don’t think Mr. M was too fond of that idea but it was his first real cache find (I don’t think the little one counts…this one took work!).

Tough work getting the big box out from under the bench!

This cache had lots of great stuff in it too. Since Little Monkey didn’t get to come along, I wanted to pick out another item for him. I could hardly believe it when I found a Woody figure. I knew that would have to be the item to take home to Little Monkey. We left some more Toy Story Silly Bands as our trade. I finished off my water and we headed back to the condo.

On the bike ride back, the wind was at our backs, so it felt SO much hotter since there was no breeze that we could really feel. I was feeling okay when we got back (no feelings like I would black out or anything) but definitely hot. We decided to go to the pool and join everybody else hanging out. My face was pretty red and flushed but I really wasn’t feeling too bad so I thought it would be fine.

I ended up with a headache later and then had a hard time sleeping. At 3am, I ended up getting sick. NO fun. The next day I hardly even left the couch because I was not feeling well at all. I was just dehydrated and my body was trying to recoup. Thankfully, I was at the beach house with Mom and Dad and they were able to help out with the kids and with me! After almost a full day to recover, I was finally feeling better.

I now have all the caches at are down at the end of inlet marked off. There are still plenty of caches over in the Ponce area but the ones down near the end of the inlet, for now, I have found! 🙂 I love adding the little smiley faces to my map on the Geocaching Site!


2 Responses to Geocaching in Ponce

  1. amypaul says:

    Does P have his own set of Toy Story silly bands now?

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