Want To Make List 5!

I know I will probably never make all of these items on my list but it is nice to have ideas and to have them all in the same place. If you haven’t been following along, here are the other lists: List 1, List 2List 3 and List 4.

Plastic Floral Garland

I saw these plastic flowers a bit ago and thought they were cute. We don’t drink too much bottled water around here (except when we go camping) but I do know plenty of people do. This is a pretty simple project and would be great in many different color schemes for decorating at a party or just to be festive.

Pocket Pockets

These pockets seemed like a smart way to upcycle some pants you might have laying around. You may have even used other parts of the parts for another project and have the back pockets still. Add a little bit of fun fabric and some fabric paint makes it a cute addition to any lunch box or you could use it in your purse for loose change, your phone or camera.

Stay Put Dish Towel

I think this might be a great idea to combine with the handprint towel that I featured in List 4. A simple way to keep your towels from slipping off the oven door bar or from little ones pulling it off! This tutorial uses buttons to keep it on the over door bar, but I think velcro would also work and may be faster for when you wanted to take it off.

Family Rules

I saw this family rules chart a while back and thought they were cute. The site also has a princess version and also a super hero version. A pretty simple idea that would be a fun addition to anyone’s house or kid’s room. And since you are making it yourself, you can customize the rules to what best fits your family.

Pillowcase Dress

Although I know some people are not too fond of the Pillowcase Style Dresses, I think they are cute for little girls. I really want to learn to make some for Little Monkette.  They seem to be pretty simple and of course there would be tons of options. You don’t actually HAVE to use a pillowcase to make them either.


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