Dog Sitting

I honestly don’t know the last time we dog sit for someone. We were asked awhile ago if we could watch Zorro, our friends’ M and D’s little dog. (They have two dogs but the other larger one already had a place to stay.) I said sure and figured all would be fine. We went camping with M and D’s family and dogs this past weekend so we got to spend more time with Zorro and let Roland get adjusted to him some more too.

Today I got to pick up Zorro and bring him home. He was a bit nervous leaving his mom, as we did expect (He LOVES her and always has to be near her if she is around.). When we got home, I took Zorro and Roland out back to run around and chase each other and figure it all out. They had fun chasing each other around. Anywhere that Roland would pee, Zorro had to mark too.

Zorro checking out the backyard.

We came back inside and it took about an hour for both dogs and kids to calm down and be quiet. Eventually though everyone seemed happy and the two dogs were even able to lay on the ottoman together! Zorro has done quite well with Little Monkey which is a bit surprising since he doesn’t tend to like kids much (He chases the boys at his house out of the kitchen all the time!).

I think we will be in for a normal week, with one extra little dog. So far Zorro just wants to be close to me. If I leave the couch, he does too. If I am in my bedroom, he wants to be too. He’s a sweet little guy when he’s not chasing kids around (hasn’t happened here yet). I might want to get a little dog after this week……


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