Little Talbot Island State Park Camping Weekend

We went camping for the 4th of July weekend with two other families. They had planned a long time ago to go on the trip, but we couldn’t due to Big Monkey’s work schedule. When he got promoted, his kelly days changed and one landed perfectly for us on this weekend. We booked the only available site left at the campground, a site that was supposed to be too small for our camper. I was a little worried about making it fit, but we ended up being just fine.

We headed out Friday morning to take Little Monkette to my parents for a stay at the beach house while we went camping. She is just mobile enough, but not yet fully mobile to really make it easy for her to go camping. After a quick stop for the drop off and some lunch, we continued on our drive up to Little Talbot Island. Of the three families going camping, we were the first to arrive at the campsite. We got ourselves checked in and then began figuring out how to make our camper fit in the small campsite. Big Monkey has some great driving skills and managed to get the camper settled into a great spot. We weren’t too concerned about it since we planned to be spending much of our time down at our friends’ sites. (Since we booked the only available site, it ended up being six spots down from our friends.)

Big Monkey putting up the Christmas lights.

Since we had a bit of time before anyone else would be arriving,  we got everything set up in and around the camper. We also went for a walk to check out the campground and our friends’ sites. We took Little Monkey to the playground for a bit. We went back to the camper to get some snacks and hang out. Suddenly, it crossed my mind, did we pick up the bathroom bags off our counter? I asked Big Monkey…he said, “No, I thought you did.” Bad news. Luckily for Big Monkey, it meant he was only missing a razor, shaving cream and aftershave. Unfortunately for me, it meant I was missing: toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hairspray, deodorant, razor, shampoo/conditioner and the kicker-my meds. That last one was a problem.

After a bit of discussion, we decided that I would drive up to Harris Teeter (Thank you parks department for giving us a list of local stores!) to see if I could get at least three days worth of medicine. We have very limited cell service inside the campground, so I texted my mom to get the number to the pharmacy back home that had last filled my prescription. Thankfully mom was able to get me the number and I called to make sure they were still open (after 5pm on a Friday). When I got to Harris Teeter, I learned quickly that they did not have a pharmacy. Thankfully the sweet customer service lady must have truly understood how frazzled I was. She gave me directions to the closest Kmart (where my prescription was last filled) and I was off on my way.

I drove through Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach and ended up at Kmart. The pharmacy tech wanted to help me out and was able to pull up all my info without calling the Kmart from back home. Sadly, she did not have the medicine that I needed. Not good. I was starting to stress. She didn’t want to send me to a different company but the next Kmart was apparently far away. She called up Publix to see if they had the medicine. Luckily they did, so I got most of the other missing bathroom items and a hose (per Big Monkey’s text message request) and headed over to the Publix. They got to work on the prescription and decided that since the price per pill was a little high, they would see if the insurance company would let them refill it early (way early) since I was out of town and had none. Thankfully they agreed to go ahead with the refill and I was back on my way. (Note-this process seemed to take forever…and honestly I think I was gone from the campsite for almost two hours.)

Once I was back to the campground, one of our family friends had already shown up and Big Monkey was helping them get set up. While we were working on that, our other friends showed up too. We got everyone set up and started on dinner. Thankfully we had an easy night, except when it came to starting the fire. The boys had another hard time getting the fire going. You would think having some firefighters around, someone would know how to also start a fire, not just put out a fire! We did eventually end up with a fire but had cupcakes as our snack for the night.


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