Little Talbot Island Camping Day Two

We  had a rough night in our camper. Sadly, I believe the events of the day wore on me too much and during the night I had a panic attack. I thought I needed to go to the bathroom and told Big Monkey that I would be back. Unfortunately, I did not get too far and kinda freaked out. I hollered to Big Monkey but he didn’t hear me. I made my way back to the camper and knocked on the camper to get him to come out. He was his normal self for dealing with this type of situation with me. He tried to get me to calm down and eventually I did. I took some medicine and went back to sleep. When I woke up, the medicine hadn’t worn off and I was a bit drowsy. I ended up taking a nap later on in the day when Little Monkey napped.

Big Monkey made us breakfast. We had sausage and eggs. He cooked the eggs on the new griddle that we got for the new grill. The only problem was that the grill was not level on the ground and the first egg rolled right down the griddle and into the drip pan! Lucky for us, the drip pan was clean and we were able to save the egg. We used some small pieces of wood and a stake to level out the grill.

Whoops! Lost an egg!

After breakfast, we got together with our friends and headed down to the beach. We had to drive over to the park (you could walk but it’s a long way with seven kids and beach stuff!). We played around at the beach and enjoyed the sun. The water was nice and actually warmer than the water at Mom and Dad’s beach recently. We played in the water and the kids built some sandcastles.

Most of the kids playing on the beach.

Once we had enough time in the sun and sand for the day, we headed back to camp to get some lunch. And then some of us took naps. Once everyone was raring to go, a few of us went out to look for some geocaches. The night before we noticed that there were ten within one miles of our campsite! We took three of the five dogs with us too! One of the kids, A, found the first one and then she helped Little Monkey find the next one. (A had already seen it but let Little Monkey feel like he found it just by helping direct him some.) We ended up finding four geocaches on that trip. We went after a fifth, but we couldn’t find it.

Little Monkey bringing the cache out from its hiding spot.

We had dinner on our own, since we were having tacos, it was just easier to not have to tote everything down to the other campsites. After dinner, we went and hung out with our friends around the campfire. We had a fun night and enjoyed smores.


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