Random Crap Bag Makeover

You may recall this post when I told you about getting Random Crap. I also posted about one of my uses for the picnic basket that was included. Today’s post is about the orange drawstring bag.

It started like this:

Bright Orange Drawstring Backpack

A product’s logo on a nylon bright orange drawstring backpack. I don’t care to promote this product (Pinnacle Studios is a computer program for editing video.) and after going geocaching recently, I thought it would make a great bag for taking our supplies with us whenever we go out.

Geocaching Logo

I decided to make the geocaching logo (or something resembling it hopefully) to cover up the product logo. I started with getting the fabric colors I needed. I know they don’t match the logo exactly but I picked the fabrics from my stash to make this a ‘free’ makeover. I cut out the squares and then the black pieces and attached them with iron on fusible webbing. I did make an adjustment on the person for the yellow square as it was hard to make the yelling lines and open mouth. My version is not exactly like the logo, but close enough for me. 🙂

Cut out and attached to the squares.

After getting all the pieces attached, I ironed them onto the nylon backpack. It worked out better than I expected, until the next day. I had already planned to sew around the edges of the squares and the designs to help keep them in place, but it was a good thing was going to. By the next day, a few of the squares were no longer completly attached to the bag. I was worried about that since the backpack was nylon.

Ironed on to the backpack.

To finish it off, I sewed around the edges of the squares and also all the designs. I used black thread (rare in this house since I almost ALWAYS use white thread for EVERYTHING!). I left the edges raw on all the squares, so there will be some fraying. I like this look, so I’m okay with that! Just a little bit of time and sewing and we now have a geocaching bag to tote anything we want to take with us. Usually we take the following: Items to trade, the gps (if we need to travel a bit to get close), a pen, camera, water bottle and sometimes notes of the caches we are going after.

Finished product!

I am sharing this at:

The Girl Creative



3 Responses to Random Crap Bag Makeover

  1. Joe O. says:

    Looks good! Interesting that you post a Random Crap post on a random crap day!!!!!

  2. Dad says:

    looks great!

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