Little Monkette Health Update

Happy Girl!

Little Monkette is now nine months old! This means she got to go back to the doctor for a well visit. Little Monkette is now 27 inches tall and weighs a whopping 17 pounds, 15.75 ounces! She ended up getting one shot, which she of course did NOT like. Everything looks great on her and she is doing well. The doctor asked if she was eating table food, which she is not. He let me know that she can start eating anything as long as it won’t cause her to choke. I swear I feel like a new mom with her because I had Little Monkey’s dietitian telling me what to feed him and when! I picked up some meat baby food for her to try and we are adding in more puffs and trying out Cheerios. She likes the puffs but is not yet too excited about the Cheerios. Little Monkette has two teeth on the bottom and is working on getting four in up top! She crawls pretty quickly and is pulling up on furniture and walking around it as she holds on. She can stand for a short time not holding onto anything. She is not yet walking but can walk with a push toy or the laundry basket. I’m sure she will have that figured out soon too! She doesn’t have to go back to the doctor until after her first birthday! Ahhh! How crazy is that? I can hardly believe that she is almost a year old.


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