I Won

Awhile back, (Like in May!) I won a giveaway from Michelle at Someday Crafts. I got a gift certificate to Shannon’s Etsy shop, Staker Sensations.

Go take a look around at her shop, she has lots of fun stuff. (Sorry but her shop is actually closed right now due to some machine problems. So instead you can check out her blog instead.) I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to get but finally picked out something for Little Monkey’s room. I picked out a fun saying that hopefully Little Monkey will learn to like too.

After having it in the house for awhile, we finally got the chance to put it up on Little Monkey’s wall. I had planned to put it up at the top of the wall all the way down one wall but it ended up being a bit longer than that. We ended up cutting each phrase and making it a separate line. It worked out great and I love it.

Vinyl Wall Art

We ended up taking down the pictures and Fire Department flag that were on the wall and moving them to another. I really like how all of it turned out. Both Michelle and Shannon were great and easy to work with.

Shannon also sent me a cute little black bird. I put it up on the door to our pantry. It is very cute. I know if I want more vinyl, I will be checking with Shannon first to see if she can make it for me.

Cute little birdie


One Response to I Won

  1. Shannon says:

    They Look fabulous! And my shop will be back open in two weeks! So frusturating! In the mean time I am having a giveaway at my blog right bow for a laptop decal that I already have cut and ready to go!

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