$2 Bandana Skirt

$2 Bandana Skirt

I finally made something off of one my “Want to Make Lists” this week. I had planned to make a bandana shirt, as listed in this blog, but when I went to make it, I realized that I should have bought three bandanas, not two! Whoops! I was really wanting to make something though, so I decided to make a skirt. It was very quick and easy. I used the instructions from the same tutorial for the shirt. They are basically made the same way, just added straps on the shirt. I forsee more skirts/shirts from bandanas in my future! There are lots of fun bandana options at Walmart and they are just $1 per bandana. In fact, I found two bandanas in my closet that I bought previously for Little Monkey but never used. I was thinking I’d make a skirt…but the bandanas are black with white dog prints….so I’m not sure yet. Thoughts?

Please ignore the messy hair and bad picture….but here is the skirt. What do we think about it with this tank top? Or should it be a white tee? I need some input, I’m thinking about wearing it on Sunday to church!

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5 Responses to $2 Bandana Skirt

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very cute! It’s hard to see the colors for sure in this picture, but I’m thinking it might be better with a white t-shirt (it would let the colors in the skirt pop out more). You’re so creative!

    • sunshinekmp says:

      I wish I could claim the idea, but it did come from another site that I listed in the blog. I’m thinking white tee too. I should have tried it on and taken another picture to really compare! Thanks for the help!

  2. Holly says:

    You are so creative and thrifty! I like it with the pink.. but really what do I know about fashion.

    • sunshinekmp says:

      Thanks! I ended up wearing it with a white tee. I think it was cute than the pink tank. Planning to make more! So quick, simple and easy to wear!

  3. angie says:

    we all have messy hair from time to time you should have seen mine when fed ex showed up at 8:30 this morning? LOL

    love your skirt who would have thunk it I can imagine this for my granddaughter in bandana red and blue

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