Leesburg Lightning!

The Leesburg Lightning team is a part of the Florida Collegiate Summer League. Yesterday, their game had free parking and free admission. The game had been posted on our playgroup’s website. I saw that our friends were planning to go, so we decided to go with them. Tuesday’s game was against the Sanford River Rats. Sanford has had a great season and before last night’s game had only lost one game. The River Rats and Lightning had just played on Sunday too, with the River Rats winning. We didn’t have much hope for the Lightning to win, but we were really there just to have fun. It was “Healthy Hits” night, so the admission was free and there were booths set up with health information.

We got to the fields a bit before the game started, so we walked around the booths and met up with our friends. The hospital gave out bags to the kids with visors, lollipops, band-aids, coloring books and crayons. The kids also got some inflatable hammers from another display. We grabbed some seats and had the kids eat dinner and check out their bags of stuff before the game. The boys got a bit silly with their visors!

Little Monkey with his friends.

The game was getting ready to start and I snapped this picture of Little Monkey during the National Anthem. Little Monkette was trying to sing along too.

So Sweet!

During the game, the kids didn’t seem to really understand what was going on, but they did know that when they heard the cowbells they could yell and cheer too. They were great cheerleaders for the team. Little Monkey cheered, “Go my white team!” (The Lightning uniforms were white.) The kids cheered and danced around like crazy. We were trying to stick it out until the end of the 5th inning because they let the kids on the field to go run the bases. Little Monkey’s friends really wanted to do it and I was hoping he would too. He kept telling me that he didn’t want to do it unless I would go too. I wasn’t sure how that would work out since I had Little Monkette in the wrap!

Little Monkette's first time in the wrap facing outwards.

Little Monkette did a great job in the wrap. We got plenty of looks and multiple people asked me about it. It was probably the best way to take her though. I’m glad she did so well because it gives me hope for when we take her camping again. It was very easy to have her in there and have both hands free to still help Little Monkey and clap. It would have been nearly impossible to take her in the umbrella stroller since she wouldn’t have wanted to stay in the stroller the entire time.

While waiting for the end of the 5th inning, the kids would play, sing and even go sit at the steps and watch the game. I caught Little Monkey with his friend sitting together. It was so cute. She has a small infatuation with Little Monkey but he handles it pretty well. I really wish I could have snapped this from the other side of them too!

Too cute.

When it was getting close to the bottom of the 5th, they told all the kids to come down by the entrance to the field. Little Monkey still said he didn’t want to do it unless I went too. I told him that I would but once we got to the gate, the other kids took off running and he followed. About half way to first base he turned to see if I was right behind him. I wasn’t but told him I was coming and I started towards him. He took off running but checked again half way between first and second base. I convinced him to just keep going and I took pictures. Between second and third bases he really took off. He was kicking up dirt! The funniest part is that he ended up totally missing home plate! He thought it was so much fun and asked to do it again but they had to start the game back up so we went back up to our seats.

Running the bases.

We had a great time hanging out with our friends and watching the game. We ended up leaving shortly after the running of the bases because it was already past the kids bedtimes. Little Monkey said that he wanted to stay and watch the game but I convinced him that we should head home. I am glad that we got to go and have a great time with our friends. And even better, that we didn’t have to spend any money to go to the game. We even brought the kids’ food with us and some water bottles, no one seemed to mind. After we were home, I was able to check the game scores and it turned out that the Lightning DID win with a score of five to zero! Good job team!


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