Gifts for Isabella

I had a busy week with two baby showers and one birthday party! Isabella’s party was right in the middle. I had already made a tag blanket for her and gave it to her parents as soon as they decided on her name. For her shower I decided to make her two onesies, a personalized pacifier and baby legs.

Personalized onesie and pacifier

I made another onesie for her with an iron on that I had on hand. (After the party, I got to hear it from Isabella’s Dad that I didn’t make one for him too.)

I love Mommy Onesie

I also made her a pair of baby legs, which I forgot to take a picture of! It was very funny at the party because Isabella’s Mommy didn’t know what they were. She thought they were just big socks, maybe even for her! Everyone joked that I shouldn’t have told her so she could just wear them around. Then we could catch her out with them on and let her know what they really were! šŸ™‚ It was very funny.


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