Another Round of Little Monkeyisms

I took Little Monkey to a friend’s baseball game one night. Little Monkey was getting bored since his friend was way out in the outfield and not much was happening. We headed over to the playground for a little bit. I played for a few minutes and then stepped back to watch him play with the other kids that were there. He was so funny. This is the conversation I witnessed:

Little Monkey: (walks up to girl we were playing with) “Hi, My name is Little Monkey. What is your name?”
Girl: (Mumbles something he doesn’t understand)
LM: “Excuse me, I couldn’t hear you. What is your name?”
Girl: (Says it again but I can’t hear her, apparently neither can Little Monkey.)
LM: “Excuse me. I don’t understand you. What is your name? My name is Little Monkey.”

I was pleasantly surprised that he even took the initiative to go talk to her and introduce himself. I now have some hope that VPK won’t be so bad in the fall. Looks like he’ll make friends just fine!

On a camping trip recently, I took Little Monkey to the bathroom for the last time before bed. We headed out to the bathroom without a flashlight and when we were to the end of our ‘driveway,’ Little Monkey said, “We need a flashlight.” I told him that it would be fine, that we could see our way. (Plus we only had one flashlight with us for some reason and it was Big Monkey’s big, heavy maglite!) We continued on our walk and and the moon was up and shining bright. It had  been behind some trees, so when we got around the trees, Little Monkey said, “Look, the moon has its own flashlight!” I laughed and agreed with him. Even the next night, he told our friends about the moon’s flashlight!


One Response to Another Round of Little Monkeyisms

  1. amypaul says:

    So cute! Love that boy!

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