Mexican Rice


Little Monkette has become increasingly interested in our real food. This weekend, we had some chicken and yellow rice for dinner. Little Monkette kept crawling over to Big Monkey to check out his dinner. Big Monkey gave her a bite of rice. Much to my surprise, she ate it right up and asked for more! Three bites later, we moved her to her high chair to have some rice of her own. She preferred to have it fed to her on a fork though, so I helped her out with eating some of it.

I was a bit leary about the entire situation. I even said something like….’I’m having really high anxiety about this situation right now.’ 🙂 This is very new for us. With Little Monkey, we had someone telling us what to feed him and when….with Little Monkette, we’re on our own. I was nervous about it for sure. I understand that this is normally what happens in houses, but when your first child has a food issue, that is what becomes the ‘normal’ at your house. I was also concerned about what Little Monkey thought of Little Monkette eating off of Daddy’s fork.


I think Little Monkette will end up being our good eater. She is quite interested and even wanted my breakfast this morning. We will be working on figuring out food for her now that she is so interested in it.


One Response to Mexican Rice

  1. amypaul says:

    what a big girl!

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