Homespun Chic Marketplace

This past weekend we had the opportunity to participate in the Homespun Chic Marketplace. We had a great time and debuted those new onesies I told you about! The place was busy much of the time, even with a rain storm!

Here is a look at part of our “booth”:

Two Florida Girls!

We had lots of hair clips, coffee cozies, gadget cozies, little guy ties, bean bags, magnet and those new onesies! Items that are still available will be listed in the shop soon! We had a good time; there were lots of great vendors and customers. We here that there is already a plan to have another Homespun Chic Marketplace! Hope we get to participate then too!

To see a few more pictures, check out The Daily


One Response to Homespun Chic Marketplace

  1. Joe O. says:

    It was a nice little fair thing! A lot of baby-type stuff (which doesn’t help me at all) but my mom picked up some stuff and I picked up a couple things for someone special. Definitely worth the rain for some cake balls! 🙂

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