Special Orders

After posting some of my work on Facebook, I had a friend from church request a special order! I am glad I posted things to my Facebook page and not just here or in the shop. You never know where you will find business.

She wanted a letter onesie (lowercase l in cursive) and a letter pacifier. I found a cute font on my computer to trace the letter from for the onesie, but used the Cricut for the pacifier. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any good lower case cursive l fonts to use, so we picked this one instead. (Those lines in the picture are not actually on the onesie…it is from the photograph.)

Onesie and Pacifier

While we were at the Homespun Chic Marketplace show the other day, we also got a special order for an Auburn Heart onesie. I was able to get that made yesterday too. I hope the recipient will love it just as much as they love Auburn!

Auburn Heart

If you are interested in a special order, please visit our shop and let us know! We’d love to help you out!

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