Hillsborough River State Park Day 1

After getting things packed up and Little Monkette having her nap, we packed up and headed out to Hillsborough River State Park. It took us a little bit over an hour to get there. Roland did great this time and even laid down for a good portion of the trip!

Park Entrance

Just as we got checked in, our friends messaged us letting us know that they had blown a tire! (They have history with this. Sadly they are quite experience but have good coverage so someone was on the way out to help them.) A bit of a delay but they go to us. By the time they had arrived, we had our site all set up and Big Monkey was working on a fire. We stopped to help them get their site set up too and then Big Monkey cooked burgers for everybody. Our friends came in two shifts because the boys had football practice, so we didn’t end up seeing them until after 10pm! Little Monkette got to try some baked beans for dinner. She liked them, but man they did a number on her the next morning! 🙂

Our site. Nice size and everything set up!

We borrowed our friends’ old pack and play for Little Monkette to hang out in and sleep in. Last time she was camping with us, she didn’t even move in her sleep, so she could share a bed with Little Monkey. Now she would probably try to crawl out of the bed! We set her up in it outside for a bit while we worked on getting things set up at our friends’ campsite. She did okay playing but you could tell she would rather be out with everybody. (Kinda hard to do when she isn’t walking yet and I forgot my wrap!)

Little Monkette playing with her toys.

Little Monkette had a tough first night at camp with getting to sleep and staying asleep but she eventually got it figured out. After hanging out for a bit longer around the campfire with our friends, we all headed in to bed.


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