Hillsborough River State Park Day 2

Little Monkey woke us up bright and early at 6:58am saying he had to go potty. Off we went to the bathrooms and Little Monkette was wide awake by the time we got back. Quiet hours only go until 7am but most campsites don’t start moving around and making noise until after 8am. Little Monkette was excited to climb around on our bed and make noise while the rest of us got ourselves moving for the day.

Fun in the camper!

Once we were all dressed, we headed outside and Big Monkey made us some pancakes. Little Monkette tried some too and ate almost half of a pancake. (This was a big real food weekend for her!) After checking in with our friends, it was determined that we should all go down to the pool. Before we all got changed, I snapped this picture to show you the evidence we had of a visitor last night!

Looks like we had a raccoon!

The kids and our friend M rode their bikes down to the pool, Little Monkey included! The pool was very large (capacity 216!) and not too deep. The depths varied between two feet and five feet, although right along the edges it was only about one foot deep. Little Monkey LOVED that he could touch the bottom for much of his swimming. He also had a great time with the other kids swimming around and pushing them over into the water. Little Monkette loved it too. In her ring float, there were parts of the pool that she could actually touch and ‘walk’ along the pool. She also liked it when we pushed her between the different people in the pool. All the playing in the pool seriously wore her out. We had to make the trek back to the campsites for lunch and before we were even half way there she was asleep! She stayed asleep in the umbrella stroller for about 45 minutes!

One tired girl!

After some lunch, all the adults decided to go geocaching. None of the kids wanted to go so they all got left to play around the campsite and watch a movie in our friends’ camper. (Not to worry, our friends’ daughter is a responsible party and of babysitting age.) Four adults and two dogs headed off for some trail hiking and geocaching. It was hot out but we continued on our way. We managed to find the three caches we were after for the day. Well really M and D found the caches. Big Monkey and I were not the first to find any of them. That is a little frustrating but we still had fun.

D with one of the caches we found.

Once the hiking was over, we headed back to camp for a little rest before getting dinner ready. The kids were all fine and had hung out playing and watching a movie. They didn’t seem to miss us at all. The boys had planned to go to a fishing class after dinner, so we were trying to have everything ready to be eating by 7pm so they could get there on time. We were having pork chops, corn and baked potatoes while our friends were having chicken and baked potatoes. The potatoes and the corn went into the coals of the fire. Big Monkey manned the grill and cooked up everybody’s meats. We ended up cutting it close and the boys were shoveling food in their mouths but all went well. After they were gone, Little Monkette got to try some corn on the cob. (She also had some potato at dinnertime.) She LOVED the corn on the cob. She has two teeth on the top and two on the bottom, helping her chop down on the corn. She did not want me to take it away!

Little Monkette loving some corn!

We cleaned up dinner while the boys were gone and then everyone hung out around the fire. We finished the night with some smores. Little Monkette went to bed much easier than last night and even stayed asleep if someone went into the camper. She woke up once around 2am and I put her in bed with us. She went right back to sleep!


One Response to Hillsborough River State Park Day 2

  1. looks like you all had fun…I love the picture with the corn…priceless!!!

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