Hillsborough River State Park Day 3

The boys all got up early for a planned trip of fishing down at the dock. The rest of us slept in. Oh wait, that’s not quite what happened. Little Monkette woke up when Big Monkey’s alarm went off and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Little Monkey ended up sleeping in. Little Monkette and I went out to get her some milk and we sat outside with Roland. Eventually Little Monkey woke up and wondered where everyone was. He finished up his breakfast and then we took a walk down to where the boys were fishing. He stayed with them and Little Monkette and I headed back to the campsite to see if the rest of our friends were up yet. Surprisingly, they were so we packed up our stuff and headed back down to the boys. Little Monkette got left with all the boys and the rest of us and the dogs headed off for another geocaching trip.

We were after the last two caches in the park that were located on a 3.1 mile trail. It was quite hot and a long walk but half way in we found the first one. Nothing too exciting in the cache, so we just signed the log and moved on. We tried to find the next one and got as close as 500 feet but that was across a marshy swamp land. We continued around the trail and realized that we were getting farther away. A bit more reading about where it was located and it appears that it was no really along the trail but somewhere inside the middle of the circle that the trail makes. It was too hot and too much ‘off-roading’ for us to go after this time. Maybe if we go back there another time when it is cooler, we will see if we can get to it!

Once we got back to camp, the boys had also made it back from fishing. Unfortunately, they had only caught one baby turtle. I suppose they had fun though. We decided that it was time to start packing up so the older kids went to help out at their camper while the younger ones helped keep Little Monkey busy. Big Monkey and I worked on getting everything in the camper put away so we could break it all down and head out. Little Monkette wanted to help too but she is not exactly helpful. We did put up the door so that she would be able to look outside and see what was going on while she played. She really liked this.

Little Monkette checking things out!

We got everything put away and closed up the camper. Everyone got into their car seats and we headed out of town. We had planned on sandwiches for lunch but Big Monkey didn’t want to have dirty dishes since things were going to be all put away. We ended up stopping at a McDonalds on the way out of town to grab some lunch. Both kids and Roland fell asleep on the way home. It was a fun weekend and a good short getaway before school starts up. Hillsborough River State Park will be on our list to camp at again. It was a nice park, clean and had a nice pool to cool off in. The camping loop we were on seemed to be the least busy and that was also nice.


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