First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for Little Monkey. He seemed excited about it and was already with his Buzz backpack (Thanks P!). He got up and had breakfast and we made sure he had everything in his bag. We took a few pictures before we headed to the school.

Little Monkette had to be in the picture too!

I also made a little sign for him to hold, hopefully we can remember to do this every year!

First Day of School--VPK

I walked him to his class and he was very excited. He walked right into the class, leaving me in the hall! I had to go in to help show him where to put his stuff but he would have rather just gone on and played.

He had a great first day. I picked him up and he said it was fun. I asked if he was ready to come back the next day. Little Monkey said, “WHAT?!?!” So I explained that when you go to school, you go everyday. He said, “huh, ok.” Once he got to school today, he seemed more excited about it. I think it will be a good school year. 🙂


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