Compelled By Love

There are certain times in life when your heart is captured so much that you know a response is necessary.

Times when you’re captured by…
…a smile,
…a story,
…a friend or family member,
…a glimpse at creation,
…the discovery of a common journey,
…an unwavering faith in the God of the Universe, or
someone you’ve never met.

That last one? Someone you’ve never met? It’s kind of mind boggling. It’s kind of crazy how God can put something or someone on your heart whom you’ve never met. It happens in a way that you can’t really explain or describe. But once your heart’s been captured, you know it. You can’t ignore it. A response is required.

This is our response to the story of a little girl named Ava. She’s a sweet little five-year-old girl here in Central Florida and she’s in the fight for her life. I have met Ava and Little Monkey has played with her, however, Amy hasn’t met her. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are neighbors and good friends with Ava’s family. As soon as we heard about Ava’s fight, we had a simultaneous mutual desire to use our gifts and abilities to help, and God even gave us the same idea! If you aren’t familiar with Ava’s story, check out her Dad’s blog.

It may be small, the efforts may be humble, but here’s what we’ve decided to do…we’d like to organize a group of Etsyians in listing items to benefit sweet Ava. There’s already a fund established that we can donate money directly to, allowing her family to use it for whatever is needed. So, here’s where you come in…
Do you own an Etsy shop?
Know someone who owns an Etsy shop?
Want to open an Etsy shop?
Like to shop on Etsy?
Have a blog that you can use to help spread the word?

Pray about how God might use you to be a blessing to Ava and her family, whether you know them or not. Everything helps. No matter how big or small. Just leave a comment on this post and Amy or I will get back to you with details on how to get the fundraiser going.

Ava’s parents, family and friends are placing their complete faith in God to heal her. He is the only one that can. Even those that don’t know Ava are praying for a miracle.

This is a small way that we can show our support for a little girl who’s captured our hearts. A response is required, and it’s one that’s compelled by love. How might you respond?

“For Christ’s love compels us…” 2 Corinthians 5:14


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