Anastasia State Park Camping Day 1

The plan was to wait on Little Monkey and Big Monkey to both get out of school for the day and then head over to Anastasia State Park. Big Monkey wasn’t scheduled to be home until 6ish but thankfully got out of school before Little Monkey! We got things packed up and were on the road by 4pm.  We had to stop for some ice and to fill the tires with air, but then we were well on our way. Big Monkey decided that since Roland had been doing well with car rides, we wouldn’t drug him. Big mistake. About 20 minutes into our 150 minute drive, Roland threw up. Lucky for the rest of us, I was watching and was able to catch all of his puke in the junk towel we brought along. After that, Roland appeared to be fine and even laid down for a good portion of the ride.  School apparently wore Little Monkey out because not too long into the trip, I looked back and found this:

And he's out!

After approximately 150 minutes, we arrived, with Chick-fil-a in hand at Anastasia State Park. Big Monkey got us checked in and we headed to find our campsite. Our friends would not be arriving until late the next day, so we were all on our own. We found our site and set up camp. It was starting to get dark as we worked to get things all put away and feed everyone. By the time I saw my dinner, it was cold but still good. (Well the fries would have been way better had they still been warm but oh well.) Little Monkette ended up in the camper while we were trying to get things put together and I kept feeding her fries. We forgot to bring the umbrella stroller so we were quite limited in our options of where to put her.

Little Monkette already loves Chick-fil-a!

Eventually we all turned in for the night. Nothing exciting to report for this day. Just got ourselves to the park, hung out, set up and had some dinner. Tomorrow’s plan included time at the beach!


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