Anastasia State Park Camping Day 2

The kids woke up bright and early, so we slowly started getting ourselves ready to go. We had planned to have pancakes for breakfast but Big Monkey wasn’t feeling it. So he started up a fire to make apple pies instead.

Apple pie in the fire

The pie was okay but I think it could have used some sugar and/or cinnamon. Little Monkey took forever to eat his breakfast (just like at home). I thought he might even fall back asleep in his chair.

After breakfast, Big Monkey and Little Monkey headed off to the beach. Little Monkette and I went out looking for some items we forgot to bring. While we were out, we came across two kids consignment stores! We ended up getting an umbrella stroller at one for $6! (Way better than the $18 and $22 Kmart wanted for a new one.) By the time we got back to camp, Big Monkey and Little Monkey had already made the long walk back from  the beach.

We had some lunch and then put both kids down for a nap. Unfortunately, Little Monkey kept talking and playing in his bed, so Little Monkette wouldn’t fall asleep. After awhile, we just had Little Monkey come outside to hang out with us. We played some soccer and took Roland on a walk. Once Little Monkette woke up, we headed back to the beach for a little bit before our friends were going to arrive. Little Monkette wasn’t too thrilled with the water at the beach but we had a great time sitting on our towel and rolling the soccer ball around. I snapped some pictures of her while we were playing.

Fun at the beach!

Of course Little Monkey couldn’t be left out of the photo ops, so once he came back up from the ocean with Big Monkey, I snapped of few of him too.

Little Monkey loving the sand!

After a bit of playing, we got cleaned up and headed back to our camp. Our friends were on their way but had yet to arrive at camp. We got changed and hung out, awaiting their arrival. We were planning to wait for them to eat our dinner. Once they got to the campground, we helped them get settled and get everything set up. Then we cooked dinner. We had burgers while they had nachos. Little Monkette ate her dinner but then managed to sneak plenty of food from Mrs. D. They became fast friends. We finished off the evening hanging out around the campfire and made some smores. Some of the kids watched a movie in our friends’ camper.


2 Responses to Anastasia State Park Camping Day 2

  1. Deana says:

    Are the apple pies in the metal thing? They sound yummy!@ How did you make them?

    • sunshinekmp says:

      Yes the apple pie was inside the metal pie iron in the fire. You butter the pie iron and put butter on one side of two pieces of bread. Then you put the apple pie filling in between and close it up. Put it on the fire for a bit and tada! Apple pie.

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