Anastasia State Park Camping Day 3

We got up right around 7am thanks to Little Monkey and Little Monkette. Our friends weren’t up yet, so we tried to stay quiet and just get dressed and feed the kids. Z came over to hang out with us for a bit when we were making breakfast. Big Monkey made us pancakes and sausage. Z thought we should make him a Mickey Mouse pancake, so Big Monkey made him one. We let him know that he could eat it but that he must still eat breakfast at his campsite when the time came. (Did you know about this one D and M?) He pulled Mickey’s ears right off and ate him. And he even ate plenty of boyscout breakfast with his family when they had breakfast. Little Monkette got to have her first Mickey Mouse pancake too. She ate the entire thing and seemed to love it. (She had eaten pancakes before, just not a Mickey Mouse one.)

Chowing down on Mickey Pancake!

After breakfast, we all headed out to the beach for a bit. This time it was low tide, so there were some small tide pools to play in. The kids had a great time digging in the sand, playing football and soccer and throwing the frisbee around. Little Monkey got buried to his knees in the sand and then helped M to bury Z totally in the sand. The only part of Z that we could see was his head. Little Monkette liked the beach and the ocean a little bit better this morning. D brought her super nice camera with her to the beach and got some great shots of Little Monkette.

Little Monkette playing in the tide pool.

Eventually we all decided that it was time for some lunch and a nap for Little Monkette. We washed everybody down and climbed in the back of the truck to go back to camp. We got there and Little Monkey and Little Monkette both needed to be rinsed off a bit better before getting dressed. We decided we would rinse Little Monkette in the shower and Little Monkey with our garden hose. I headed to the bathroom with Little Monkette and told Big Monkey to let Roland out of the camper. I saw him open the camper and then saw Roland over at our friends’ site. I asked Big Monkey if Roland had run out but he said no. Then I noticed that Roland was in a crate at our friends’ site. Oh Roland. Not again is all I could think. We checked out the camper to see how he must have escaped. Since the windows had been closed, he didn’t escape the same way that he did before. I don’t know how he did it, but on the same side that he escaped before he managed to tear part of the canvas that was connected to the bottom of the camper and slipped out the side. Later on we found out that our other neighbors found him wandering around at our friends’ campsite. Our friends have dogs too but they were both in their camper while we were gone. They had a big dog crate under their camper that the other person set up and put Roland inside. Roland pooped in the crate (could have told them that would happen!) so Big Monkey ended up giving both Roland and the crate a bath. We weren’t sure if we should be thankful that he was just wandering around our campsites and that they locked him up. I mean really, this darn dog. I told Big Monkey that Roland would be lucky to ever come on another camping trip again. Now we have to decide what to do with him and how to go about fixing the camper. (Thankfully we didn’t already fix it from before. It is no more cost to fix it now since he did it to the same side that he messed up before.)

Our Geocaching Group

We all had lunch and put Little Monkette down for a nap. Some of us headed off for some geocaching. The first one was very close to our campsites but took us awhile to find. I think everyone in our group had even touched it before we found it. M ended up figuring it out. Then D’s iphone got stuck and my gps’ batteries were too low for it to work. We headed back to our campsites to get more batteries and for M to set up his gps too. We dropped Little Monkey back off at the camper with the other kids to watch Up! Big Monkey decided he would come with us. The older girls stayed back to keep an eye on Little Monkey and to take care of Little Monkette whenever she woke up. We ended up on quite the geocaching trek. I got bit by a lot of mosquitoes. We found all the caches we were after and two parts to a multi-step cache. We didn’t go after the rest of the multi-step cache because we had been gone a long time. We thought we might go after it on Monday before we left. (We didn’t because we needed a canoe for step three and an eight mile walk on the beach for step four.) We ran into another person who was geocaching and we let him tag along for one that we were after. Once we found that one (the last one we were after for the day), we tried to go back to our campsites but ended up backstage of the Toby Keith concert at the amphitheater next to the campground. The roadie security man shooed us away and we headed off. We weren’t really trying to get into the concert we were just tired and trying to get to our campsites in the shortest possible way. On our way back to camp, the long way, we found a gopher tortoise. He was very friendly and let me get close to take his picture.

Mr. Tortoise

We managed to find a short cut to our campsite that went through the woods. As we are trying to find our way, a police officer passed us and turned around to come back. He didn’t care that we were trekking through that way, (even though we had to climb over a fence) he just wanted to warn us about rattlesnakes. Oh yay. Thankfully we didn’t find any snakes but four of us ran into some plant that stung all of us. We had to spend some time washing our legs with dish soap to get rid of the sting. We came into our camping loop just a few sites down from our campsite. Unfortunately, there was a big scary dog watching us, so we snuck around to the next site and got back. In total we had walked/hiked 4.5 miles!

After some showers and getting the fire ready for cooking the corn and potatoes, we got the rest of dinner ready. We had a nice big dinner and Little Monkette proceeded to be D’s best friend since she would feed her whatever she wanted. Little Monkette has turned into a great eater. We spent some time around the campfire and D made us her famous yummy croissants. It was another fun and successful day of camping with our friends (minus the Roland versus the camper part).


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