Baby Gift Set

Recently I was asked to make a baby gift set for a friend. She wanted to give it to her sister-in-law for her baby shower. I agreed to help her out. She wanted a bib (I’ve only ever made one before), an initial onesie and a matching burp cloth (Never made one before). I agreed to help but let her know that she would be a guinea pig. She was okay with that, so I went to work. She provided me with the fabric, onesie and burp cloth. I really just had to make it all happen! 🙂

Much to my surprise, making the burp cloth was easier than I expected it would be. I looked at some online and checked out some tutorials and then picked what I thought was the best way to do it. I love how it turned out and will probably be adding these to my standard baby shower present. Hopefully the mom-to-be also likes her gift.

Initial Onesie, Burp cloth and Bib


One Response to Baby Gift Set

  1. amypaul says:

    super cute. i think i’m going to add that onesie to the shop.

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