I Love Freecycle

Sometimes it is amazing what people will throw away or give away for free. Today I was able to go pick up a great gift for Little Monkette. We think we will save it for Christmas since she is too small for it now (although she will probably still be too small for it then too). When this item came up on freecycle over the weekend, I emailed about it expressing interest. I got a response back that I was the “back up” person in the event that the first person did not come pick it up. I figured there was no chance that we would get it. Much to my surprise, I received an email letting me know that we were able to come and get it! Yay! I was very excited. It did not come with the battery or charger but we have both already (although we will likely buy another battery).

Pink Barbie Jeep!

Two years ago, we got a similar jeep for Little Monkey. We also picked this one up through Freecycle but it needed a battery and charger. Little Monkey has loved that little jeep and he is excited the Little Monkette will now have her own. She already loves sitting in Little Monkey’s jeep and playing with it even though she can’t drive it. This Barbie jeep is in great shape (aside from needing a battery) and actually looks better than Little Monkey’s jeep did when we got it. I’m sure it will have many more trips down the sidewalk in it now!


One Response to I Love Freecycle

  1. Great Jeep… am sure Little Monkette will have fun with that come Christmas! Another reuse project similar to freecycle is EcoBees.com – everything listed there is free and they have quite a lot of kiddies stuff going through so it’s worth a look EcoBees.com

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