Little Monkette’s Birthday Cookies

Since Little Monkey cannot have the same foods as the rest of us, we decided that for Little Monkette’s birthday, we would make cookies that he could eat. Little Monkey doesn’t seem to care much for cake anyhow but he likes cookies. He also likes to help make them and decorate them. I found a new cookie recipe on the site that I thought we would try out this time. The cookies tasted great and were not too hard to make. We cut out cupcakes, #1s and the letters for Little Monkette’s name. Once all the cookies were cooked and cooled, I weighed them all to figure out what each cookie’s phe value would be. It was a little bit of estimation but I figure they are close enough.

Yum! Decorated and drying.

Little Monkey was very proud of his cookies. He showed them to everyone as they arrived. He was excited to eat some at the party that night. I think most of our family also tried the cookies. They were quite tasty. I imagine if we hadn’t told them that they were “Little Monkey approved” cookies, they wouldn’t have known. We will be using this recipe again for sure! Thanks for your hard work!


One Response to Little Monkette’s Birthday Cookies

  1. amypaul says:

    If I didn’t know they were cookies for him, I wouldn’t have known. They tasted great! Lucky boy!

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