Pink Hair!!

So I have dyed my hair before, but nothing beyond standard hair colors. Yesterday, Holly and I went to Michael’s Couture Salon for some pink hair pieces! The Salon had an event a few days ago that we couldn’t make it to, so we called and found out we could go yesterday. The event was for haircuts of people donating their hair to Locks for Love and also pink hair extentsions and pink nails for $10 to raise money for Susan G Komen Foundation. Holly and I went in and got our pink hair for the cause! At first I thought we were crazy but it seemed fun, wasn’t expensive and was for a good cause! Now, I’m SO glad we did it. I LOVE it. In fact, I think it would be fun to get a few more so that I have a bigger chunk of pink! I got two pieces put in and Holly got one. My hair was straight yesterday but Holly’s was curly. The extensions are made from real human hair and can be washed/dried/curled/straightened/etc. The extensions were all straight but they curled Holly’s to match her hair. I will curl mine each day to fit into my hair whenever it is curly.


Too Bad Little Monkette broke my pink glasses!

After we got our fun pink hair, (which took no time at all!) we walked through part of the downtown district. As we were looking around, I saw this sign and couldn’t help but laugh and made Holly stop so I could take a picture.



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