USA Twirl Skirt

I really am loving this pattern. These skirts come together so quickly. I made this one almost entirely while I was on the phone with my friend! This skirt is for my friend Holly’s daughter. I can hardly wait to see her in it! Holly gave me a stack of shirts to use to make skirts. I promised to make at least one for her daughter. (She asked for a Florida Gator one with one shirt she sent but I want to get an orange and blue t-shirt to go with it.) Hope you like it! I promise to not share every single skirt I make…well…at least not all in their own blog post! (I am seriously thinking about buying the license for this pattern so that we can sell them. I have already had multiple friends ask me to make them some!)

USA Skirt

Close up of the words

Thanks again to Lil Blue Boo for making an easy to follow pattern! 🙂 I have never liked making clothes this much! I LOVE that you can use old t-shirts that you may be done wearing or that might have a stain. Lots more life in these shirts now!

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