Seriously Addicted!

I cannot tell you how addicted I am to making twirl skirts!!! They are SO quick to make and I love that we are upcycling clothes that we are no longer wearing. I made a few more skirts this past week and decided to just share two of them together in this post…and then another in a separate post. 🙂

I made this skirt for my friend Holly’s daughter from one of Holly’s old shirts and one of Amy’s old shirts. Both of them had given me a stack of shirts to use. I LOVE the green and white stripes in this one.

Happy Holidays Twirl Skirt

I also made Little Monkette a fun skirt from one of Little Monkey’s old t-shirts and some other scrap t-shirts I had on hand for crafting. Little Monkette LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she was very excited about this skirt. She was trying to put it on herself when I showed it to her.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Twirl Skirt

Little Monkette approved!

Little Monkette has been pointing at Mickey all day and being excited. I think she likes it!!


2 Responses to Seriously Addicted!

  1. Mom says:

    Toooo cute!

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