Special Halloween Twirl Skirt

We are going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this weekend and since Little Monkette won’t be dressing up, I made her a twirl skirt. She will wear a black cat Halloween shirt with it. I also made her a pair of baby legs that are Halloween themed in case it gets chilly out (like it is supposed to). We went to LOTS of thrift stores trying to find a cute cheap Halloween tee to use for the skirt. (I had planned to make one for me too but have yet to find a shirt to use.)

We ended up using a plain black t-shirt and an orange BOO! sequined shirt we found. Since we are going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I decided to make it a little “mickey” like too. I cut a piece from the black t-shirt into a Mickey Mouse head and sewed it onto the skirt. I can’t wait to update with picture of Little Monkey in her outfit!!

Halloween Twirl Skirt

Detail of the sequined BOO!

Mickey Head Detail

All of my twirl skirts have been made with Lil Blue Boo’s Twirl Skirt pattern that I have purchased. If you have a little girl in your life, you might want to check it out! So easy to do!

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One Response to Special Halloween Twirl Skirt

  1. Sarah Richey says:

    Ok, I can’t take it! These skirts are soooo cute and I think I must get the pattern! 🙂 Little Monkette is going to be so cute at Disney in her Halloween skirt!

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