Bugging Kind of Day

Yesterday while Little Monkey was staying home because of a cough, I found a problem. I went to shower and wash my head really well (because it had been itchy) and found a creature. Not cool. After my shower, I checked Little Monkey’s head and found live creatures and nits in his head. My day went from not so great to definitely bad. I was freaking out! After some phone calls, we headed to the store to get some lice medicine to take care of the issue. We started washing EVERYTHING. GrandMom came over after work to help me out with treating my head too. It was a hassle but I’m hoping that we have taken care of the problem.

Little Monkey went from this look:

Shaggy Hair Boy

To this look:

Shaved Head Boy

Good news is that he doesn’t seem to mind the short hair cut. I like his hair a bit longer, but this made it really easy to treat the bugs. Hopefully this will be our first and last bout with lice with Little Monkey. I’m sure it won’t be….since Little Monkette will probably get them at some point too. Hopefully we got them all and they don’t come back though for a really long time.


3 Responses to Bugging Kind of Day

  1. emily says:

    My head started itching just reading this!!!! One summer I think Jess and I had lice three times each…thank you Sanford rec summer camp!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Been there, done that! You will survive.

  3. Jennifer says:

    No fun! Hope you managed to get them all! We’ve gotten two letters from the school nurse in the past month saying that someone in Riley’s class at school had lice, but so far we’ve managed to avoid them (probably helps that she still doesn’t really have much hair!)

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