Random Crap Again!!!

The woot! box!!!!!

Amazingly, I somehow managed to snag my second “bag of crap” and it arrived today!! I was, of course, very excited to see that my box had arrived two days earlier than expected. I had been monitoring the woot community site to see what other people had been receiving. It appeared I was likely to get a PGA Hat and PGA sling backpack, as well as possibly some outdated calendars.

My "Bag" of Random Crap!

I did in fact get the PGA Hat and PGA Sling Backpack. I also got five outdated calendars (The Brain Game desktop calendar for 2010. I’m thinking this could still be fun. I’m also thinking that GG&GG would probably like it for the games and puzzles.)
Here is a rundown of what I got:
4 bags of Texas Air
1 PGA Hat
1 Shirt.woot size small shirt (I already own this shirt in a medium….maybe we’ll use this one for a craft project)
1 PGA Sling Backpack
2 HDMI Bendable connectors
1 iphone 3g/3gs case
5 The Brain Game Desktop Calendars 2010
3  pulsating sprinkler heads

We will be using the HDMI connectors, it appears. Big Monkey has requested the PGA Sling Backpack. I will use the shirt for something. I will also be keeping 2 The Brain Game Calendars. If you have any interest in the rest, let me know…it might be your lucky day….or everyone might end up with a 2010 Brain Game Calendar for Christmas!!! 🙂 Overall, I still think Random Crap is fun if you can manage to snag one. This one makes up for my last one for sure.  🙂


2 Responses to Random Crap Again!!!

  1. Dad says:

    3 pulsating sprinkler heads – that is random for sure. some of the other stuff sounds pretty good. the 3 pulsating sprinkler heads are good too, if you can use them!

  2. Joe O. says:

    Lucky You!!! That is some good crap! 🙂

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