Family Photo

So it appears we have really slacked off in the picture taking business. (I know, I know, I said I would NEVER let that happen to my 2nd child since I was the 2nd child with no pictures…but alas I am eating my words and I feel bad for Little Monkette.)

Little Monkey came home with a homework assignment this week to answer some questions about his family and bring it back to school with a picture of his family. I looked through what I had on my computer…and while I did have the computer crash a few months ago…I still could not locate any pictures of our entire family that was not more than a year old! We have pictures of all of us after Little Monkette’s birth and at Aunt K’s wedding, but that appears it might be it! Uh oh! We certainly couldn’t send in a picture of our family that was over  a year old, especially when Little Monkette is MUCH bigger now!

Before school on Friday morning, I lined us all up on the couch, got out the camera and tripod and set the self timer. After just three tries we ended up with a decent photo that we cropped, printed and sent in to school. I wonder if Little Monkey’s teacher will notice that in the photo he is wearing the exact outfit he wore on Friday to school. 🙂 Oh well, now we have a more recent photo of us all. We’ll have to try and do better at taking pictures with all of us. Usually it is just the kids or the kids with one parent, so we’ll have to make a point of trying to get us all in the pictures!

Me, Little Monkey, Big Monkey and Little Monkette

I really like this photo of us. No worrying about our clothes matching and just hanging out together on the couch, something we do almost everyday (well, everyday that Big Monkey is home!).


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