“Add That To The List.”

After hearing his friends say it….Little Monkey caught on to this idea of asking to have things added “to the list” of what he would want for his birthday. Honestly, at this point there is probably over two hundred items on “the list.” (And I’d be doing good if I could tell you one or two of them. The same goes for Little Monkey actually too!)

This past weekend we got Target and Walmart’s Toy catalogs in our newspaper. I thought it would be interesting, fun and maybe enlightening to let Little Monkey go through them and circle items that he thought he might want for Christmas or his birthday. I was worried that every item might end up being circled but luckily that was not the case. There was some interesting choices though and I asked him about a few things. Most of them he said that he had to have or that he “needs” it. I have a feeling that he will not be getting most of what was circled but it did give us some insight into what he might like. I thought I would share with you some of his selections that he claims to “need” for Christmas. I hope you laugh too.

Fisher-Price Trio Bat Cave (Batman–We don’t even watch Batman!)
Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack (He wanted this for his birthday too. He was sad when I showed him it was ages 6 and up!)
BeyBlade Super Vortex Battle Set (He couldn’t tell me what this was, just that it was really cool.)
3 different train sets and a train table
Iron Man Mobile Lab (Once again, we don’t watch Iron Man.)
4 different kitchen sets (Little Monkette is getting a kitchen for Christmas. I think he will be playing with it too!)
VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train (A toy for 12 months and up–learning to walk….)
A wagon with a door (We already have a wagon, but not with a door.)
Play-Doh Mega Fun Factory
Hide & Seek JoJo (I don’t think he even knows what this thing does.)
A handful of Lego sets!!! (Yay!!! I can hardly wait!!! Oh wait, they are supposed to be for Little Monkey…..)
Playskool Sit and Spin
Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse and Loving Family Grand Doll House(Oh my…ummm no.)
Every single ride on toy on the page! (Like his Power Wheels Jeep that he already has.)
Little Tikes Get Out ‘n Grill

Oh my. This is not even everything he circled! Hopefully he won’t be too disappointed at Christmas when he gets…none of this! He is getting a set of golf clubs though, so he can go play golf with Big Monkey! He likes his toy ones and we’ve been practicing how to use them correctly. Hopefully he will like his real set too.

(If you are a friend or relative that is thinking of getting him something for Christmas…please do not use this list as a guideline of what to buy. I will not be thrilled with you if you buy him a dollhouse or toys themed with characters that we don’t even watch in our house!)


2 Responses to “Add That To The List.”

  1. Amy says:

    Ok…this is HILARIOUS. Love that boy.

  2. Joe O. says:

    What is wrong with a doll house? They make some REALLY cool doll houses nowadays!

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