Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

(Yes I know….It is almost December…but I’ve never posted about it yet!! I’m a slacker!)

Thanks to Radio Disney, Little Monkey won a set of four tickets to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! We had talked about it and he knew that we were going to go, he just didn’t know when. When school was over, the Friday before Halloween, we packed up and headed down to Disney. The Halloween Party didn’t start until 7 but we found out that we could get in early, starting at 4. Little Monkey had no idea where we were going…but he figured it out…and I managed to snap a picture of him when he saw the sign:

Mickey's House!!!!!

He was SO excited! It was so fun and such a great surprise. (You would think he has never gone to Disney with how much he loves it each time.) Before the party started, we hit up a few rides. Buzz Lightyear, Dumbo and the Carousel. Little Monkey really wanted to ride the race cars but Little Monkette was too short to go on them. Lucky for Little Monkey, GrandMom and Uncle K were coming later and I let him know that they would take him.  Little Monkette liked the Carousel but was not as sure about Buzz Lightyear or Dumbo.

First Carousel Ride

When GrandMom and Uncle K got to the park, we headed to the front to meet them. It was almost time for the party to start, so Little Monkey wanted to put on his costume.

Mini Buzz!

We rode Buzz Lightyear again and then started hitting up the candy!! Uncle K was SO excited for candy. Little Monkey was excited too because Mickey handed out many kinds of candy that he is allowed to eat! (Thanks Mickey!!! That was probably the BEST part for me!) In the end, we rode quite a few rides, watched the parade, met some characters and got TONS of candy. It was a long day but we had a great time. We would not have gone to the Party had we not won the tickets from Radio Disney–Thanks again Radio Disney!

Big Buzz, Little Buzz!


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